Shaman Again!!!

O.S. "Spirit of Fire: Kurobina" (O.S.スピリット オブ ファイヤ:黒雛)

O.S. "Spirit of Fire: Kurobina"
Shaman: Asakura Hao
O.S. Type: Armor Type
Spirit Ally: The Spirit of Fire
Medium used: Oxygen in the air
Description: This is Hao's armor type oversoul, which transforms the Spirit of Fire into jet armor. With it, Hao is capable of high-speed flight, and can attack swiftly with the oversoul's arms. Mounted on the back are two energy cannons, which can incinerate anything it targets within seconds. As with most armor type oversouls, this form requires little of Hao's furyoku, but, because of the Spirit of Fire., consumes a considerable amount of reiyoku. However, it offers capabilities which far surpasses that of O.S. Spirit of Fire.

O.S. "Mastema Dolkeem" (O.S.マステマ・ドルキーマ)

O.S. "Mastema Dolkeem"
Shaman: Lyserg Diethel
O.S. Type: Armor Type
Spirit Ally(s): Morphine (fairy spirit) & Zelel (Archangel)
Medium(s) used: Pendulum Bay "Elizabeth" w/ crystal pendulum & Sword No-008 "Lyserg Derringer"
Description: This is a multi-spirit Armor-type O.S. which Lyserg creates while in the underworld. Through the partial guidance from Pascal Avaf, and his two spirits, Lyserg forges this new O.S. which integrates Zelel and Morphine with his Derringer and his "Elizabeth". The O.S. manifests as huge armor plates connected by a strip of back armour, thus covering his shoulders and waist. Five additional armor fragments suspend themselves behind Lyserg's head for additional protection, and six burning arms of furyoku resembling his original Homing Pendulum O.S. give it simultaneous defense and offense. Lyserg attributes the nature of this O.S. as a means to prevent himself from being consumed by the fires of his grudge, thus attuning his furyoku to the element of fire.

O.S. "Super Bushin" (O.S.スーパー武神)

Super Bushin
Shaman: Tao Ren
O.S. Type: Spirit/Weapon Type
Spirit Ally: Bason (seirei-class)
Medium used: "Bǎo-Léi" Sword
Description: This Weapon-type O.S. integrates Bason with the Tao family's heirloom Bǎo-Léi Sword and transforms him into a monstrous Kwan Dao O.S., with the ability to alter its shape on command. This O.S. takes full advantage of the spirit-refining powers of the Bǎo-Léi Sword, enabling Bason to evolve into a seirei-class ghost and access his wealth of military knowledge of weaponry and tactics. The end result is an O.S. in a constant state of evolution, able to transform into any weapon Bason has ever wielded.

O.S. “Nipopo Tekunpe”(O.S.ニポポテクンペ 「ニポポ手甲」)

O.S. Nipopo Gauntlets
Shaman: Usui Horokeu
O.S. Type: Armor Type
Spirit Ally: Kororo (Koropokkuru nature spirit)
Medium used: Ikupasuy
Description: The Nipopo Tekunpe is a pair of enormous ice gauntlets joined by armor on Horohoro's back. It is Horohoro's strongest O.S.. Both gauntlets are named:
“Hara Kihoku(ハラキホク [レフトハズバンド] Left Husband) (on the left arm)
"Shimon Mataki(シモンマタク [ライトワイフ Right Wife) (on the right arm).

O.S. "Spirit of Sword: Byakkou" (O.S.スピリット・オブ・ソード: 白鵠)

Shaman: Asakura Yoh
O.S. Type: Armor Type
Spirit Ally: Amidamaru (seirei-class)
Medium(s) used: "Harusame" Katana & "Futsu-no-Mitama no Tsurugi" (antiquity)
Description: Known simply as "Byakkou", this is a variation of Yoh's S.O.S. (Spirit of Sword) Over Soul, made in homage to Yoh's childhood affinity to the white swan, which he creates during his journey through the underworld. It's a double-medium O.S. composed of various, interchangeable panels of armor, which orbit Yoh for protection. The O.S. itself embodies Yoh's need for practicality, making the most of his two mediums; the Futsu-no-Mitama no Tsurugi, in the left hand, serving as the source of the O.S. while Harusame facilitating the medium in his right hand, materializing the orbital armor and a giant shirasaya Over Soul.