Bii ──

( So sweet ~ xD )

左撇子...did u see it !!??
same wif meeeeeee
Mama say he looks sad mcm very qi guai
my face turn darker n darker
tis call 忧虑气质~
公主? Bt i prefer prince
( Interviewing Bii =D )

On 1st May 2011, Bii had visited Malaysia for his album promo tour. M.E get a chance to interview Bii during his tour to Malaysia for his album promotion.

M.E : What type of girl do you like?
Bii : Big eyes and cute girl^^;; ( Oh no... my eyes very small )

M.E : Do you want to have a girl now?
Bii :  I wish too actually^^;; ( oh stil in malaysia now )

M.E : What's criteria do your girlfriend must have? 
Bii : To me, her character is the most important like match well with me and know to take care people. ( I dono how to take care of ppl bt sm ppl z n match well !? OH NO )

M.E : You prefer your girlfriend taking care of you or you take care of her?
Bii : I prefer an independent girl. ( Hell.. T^T )

M.E : Will announce your relationship to public if you have a girlfriend?
Bii: I will announce it. ( T^T...i'l support ur decision de...)

M.E : What is your upcoming project?
Bii : I am going to have a 2 hours concert on 28th May in Taiwan. Please support me~ ( GAMBATEH ! )

M.E : Are you working hard to have muscular body for your concert?
Bii : Yes, I am. I hope I canl be more muscular^^;; ( oh...ok... )

M.E : Which part of your body that you confident the most? Why?
Bii : Hmm... my voice~
M.E : Voice is not part of body.... ^^"
Bii : Oh~ Hehe! Hmm... My eyes~  because my eyes are big with single eyelid^^ ( Shot seii ppl de eyes =Q= )

M.E : What is Bii's character is?
Bii : Sometime cute, sometime cool and sometime naughty =D ( YEAH !! TIS TYPE 1 ROCKZ )

M.E : Which Kpop girl group that you would like to work with? Why?
Bii : Kara's Goo Hara.. coz she look like Namie Amuro (Japanese artist). 

M.E : Your idol is TVXQ right? How about girl group then?
Bii :  Girls Generation, Wonder Girls, Secret and 4minute. ( SNSD FTW )