At 3E's daily life

I stil haven knew any gurls in the class, wtf
Except for those who had been in the same class as mine last year
Cant fit in to Enyu's gang =(
Bt stil i gt Chang ye
Gou lou, Curly Fur, Moustache Dick, Shorty ( he taller thn me lol )
Should i cal them frens? lol
Gou Lou was like farm lol=,=
Both of them Laugh point so low de xD
N always accidently admit himself is a gay
Curly Fur oni noe how to laugh thn ntg else le
Moustache kena i sut 9 him
Shorty is a gay keep chao shui many guy xD
today we all laugh die le bec of wat stupid thing i did A___A
Dick : Gay Lou !! ( Sayin gou lou )
Me : Dick sambil touching his moustache sambil mxxturbxting
All : ..........( thn laugh lik shxt )
n math period
Chang Ye : Oi, Tan.. borrow me ur math
Me : Beg me la *Smile lik a Beach*
Chang Ye : Pls tan
Me : Say " 大姐,求求你。。。我是死肥猪。。借我Math pls "
Chang ye :...... ( Stun for awhile ) 大姐,求求你。。。我是死肥猪。。借我Math pls.....
Gou Lou : ( laugh dao mcm mxxturbxtin )
But nt everyday i'l go find them =(
Ltr ppl wil think imma fat hao luii zzz
Tis is wat we cal humanity =P